Is Purified Water The Same As Distilled Water?

Actually, purified water and distilled water are not the same thing. While both types of water undergo purification processes, they use different methods to achieve purity.

Purified Water: Purified water is a broad term that refers to water that has undergone various filtration methods to remove impurities, contaminants, and pollutants. The purification methods can include carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, UV treatment, ion exchange, and more. Purified water may retain some essential minerals and electrolytes, depending on the specific purification process.

Distilled Water: Distilled water is a specific type of purified water that undergoes the process of distillation. In distillation, water is heated to its boiling point to create steam. The steam rises and then condenses into liquid form, leaving impurities and contaminants behind. Distilled water lacks essential minerals and electrolytes since the distillation process removes nearly all substances from the water.

In summary, purified and distilled water are forms of purified water. Still, distilled water is a more specialized form that goes through a specific distillation process, resulting in higher purity without minerals and electrolytes. On the other hand, purified water can be produced through various filtration methods and may retain some essential minerals and electrolytes depending on the specific purification process used.